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What We Are Doing

Richards Willis PC is aggressively pursuing cases against PG&E for damages caused by the Camp Fire. We provide legal help to the victims of the Camp Fire that experienced loss of property or life. Our support to those who suffered agricultural damage, were underinsured, not insured, or displaced is unparalleled. We are committed to providing the best legal help to the victims of this horrible tragedy. The case results of Richards Law Firm speak for themselves. Join Us, We Will Help You Rebuild.

Why we are doing it

We have broad experience handling wildfire litigation in the 2018 Thomas Fire, 2007 Witch Creek Fire (San Diego) and the 2003 Cedar Creek Fire (San Diego) against San Diego Gas and Electric. Because of this experience, we have honed our skills holding utilities financially responsible for the damages to your home and property. Richards Willis PC is committed to help the victims of this horrible tragedy. The case results Richards Willis PC speak for themselves. Join Us, We Will Help You Rebuild.

Events Timeline

On November 8, 2018 the Camp fire began. Because of its rapid spread, the fire continued for several weeks and eventually destroyed almost 14,000 homes, and 514 businesses. The Camp Fire – the deadliest fire in history, and has covered more than 153,000 acres, roughly the size of Chicago. Cal Fire, the state’s forestry and fire protection agency, announced the Camp Fire was completely contained early Sunday, November 25, 2018. That doesn’t mean the fire is out. It indicates that a fire has been cut around the entirety of the remaining blaze, preventing it from reaching trees.

PG&E caused the Camp Fire, John Richards mobilized the Richards Willis PC to protect your rights and help you rebuild.

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We will

Challenge PG&E negligence, and recover damages based on the non-delegable duty of PG&E to properly operate its powerlines. PG&E failure to, inspect, maintain, repair, manages transformers, and equipment has caused the fire. The utility did not keep trees properly trimmed and at a safe distance to prevent foreseeable fires.

The utility has not kept trees properly trimmed at at a safe distance to prevent foreseeable fires.

You get

Richards Willis PC will get your damages including, all costs to put your structure back to its pre-loss condition, the replacement cost of your personal property. Damage to landscaping and trees, damage to commercial agriculture, damage to trees and vegetation growing naturally on your land will also be covered. Additionally, erosion control costs to vacant land and your emotional distress.

Your cost

We handle cases with no fees until and unless we recover compensation for you. We cover all costs.

Uninsured or underinsured?

If you have no insurance or insurance that did not cover your loss:
– We will recover damages to compensate you for your total loss.

If you have insurance:
– We have found historically you are massively under-insured. Your damages will exceed your policy limits by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our objective is to recover the difference between what you collect and your actual damages.

Call Us: (619) 237-9800
Visit us: 750 B Street, Suite 1760
San Diego, CA 92101

Why choose us?

There are large firms who have merged into even larger consortiums handle 100s and 1000s of Camp Fire cases at a time. Richards Willis PC is an actual law firm who knows the name of each of our clients. WE COMMIT TO HANDLING NO MORE THAT 40 CASES PER WILDFIRE. If you sign with the large consortiums, your family will be reduced to an internal file number. At Richards Willis PC we give all our clients personal cell phone numbers.