John T. Richards is an award winning civil litigator who represents his clients across the entire spectrum of Civil Law, and especially as a Fire and Flood Attorney in California for victims of the recent Camp Fire, the Santa Barbara Thomas Fire and the San Diego Witch Creek and Guejito Fires.

John attended the University of Southern California and the University of Michigan for his undergraduate studies. He graduated from the California Western School of Law in two years, under the accelerated program, as the youngest member of his class at the age of 23. As a result Mr. Richards was admitted to the California bar on October 6, 1992 at the age of 24 years old. Consequently, Richards Willis PC has represented injured Plaintiffs exclusively for the past 25 years in cases including:

Richards Willis PC has handled over 350 civil cases ending in Settlement, Motion for Summary Judgment, Verdict, and Appeals, and had at least 25 jury trials result in verdict as the primary attorney, including work as a Fire and Flood Attorney.

Broad Representation

Richards Willis PC focuses its practice on representing the needs of the injured, and especially the victims of fire and flood, and children whose rights are not adequately protected under California Law. The most noteworthy and gratifying part of his practice is the work he has done on behalf of children by successfully winning a verdict and furthermore changing the law at the Court of Appeal to strengthen the laws that protect our children.

Landmark Cases

In addition, John created new law at the Court of Appeals Level in the case of Lawson v. Superior Court (2010) 180 Cal.App.4th 1372, where he represented 3 mothers and their 3 infant children in a Civil Rights Case against a private prison who failed to provide adequate medical care for children housed with their mothers while imprisoned. The California Department of Corrections and Center Point took the position that they owed no duty to provide medical care to these children while incarcerated. After listening to Mr. Richards argument the Fourth District agreed with the position taken by John T. Richards, which consequently created a duty that provides medical care to children in the prison system.

Verdicts Won

Mr. Richards obtained a $3.9 Million verdict for a man who was severely injured while fixing a train derailment. The case was rejected by most FELA firms in Los Angeles because the worker was not directly employed by the Railroad, and FELA did not appear to apply in this case. John argued the case under the theory that this worker was a “borrowed servant.” As a result, the Fourth District upheld the verdict and in a published opinion underscored that non-railroad employees may file suit against the Railroad under FELA if they can prove that they are a “Borrowed Servant.” Collins v. Union Pacific Railroad Co., (2012) 207 Cal.App.4th 867

Prestigious Awards

As a result of Mr. Richard’s skillful abilities, he was given the prestigious Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award, presented to John T.Richards by Consumer Attorneys in October of 2014. This award was given as a result of a $2.85 million judgment John T. Richards obtained for a father whose son was kidnapped from the Escondido Union School District and taken to Mexico.

As a result of this case, John T. Richards is credited with promoting a change in policies and procedures in all California School Districts, while having a lasting, statewide, positive effect on the safety of children in our schools.

-Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, 10/17/2014