What Is Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury is caused by sudden forceful damage to the brain. It can happen from the head hitting another hard object such as a windshield (closed head injury) or from something breaking through the skull and entering the brain such as a bullet or a nail. The most common cause of traumatic brain injury results from motor vehicle accidents, but they are also seen in sports injuries, construction site injuries, falls, fights and from shaken baby syndrome.

The Effects Of A Brain Injury

The extent of mental decline, physical or behavioral changes depend on how severe the injury was and what areas of the brain were affected. Closed head injuries are known to cause problems with speech, voice patterns, language skills, the ability to swallow, walking, coordination, memory, the sense of smell and the ability to think quickly. Commonly the worst traumatic brain injury symptoms occur shortly following the injury and it usually gets better. However, long-term or permanent problems can result. And while other areas of the brain tend to learn and take over some of the functions of the damaged portion of the brain over time, a traumatic brain injury may result in the person being unable to function well enough to return to their usual activities or employment.

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