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Leading the Charge in Utility-Caused Wildfire Litigation

In the wake of a devastating wildfire, victims seek more than just compensation – they seek justice, understanding, and a firm that genuinely cares. Our history exemplifies our commitment to such victims.

A Benchmark in SCE Thomas Fire Litigation:
We didn’t just represent a client in the SCE Thomas Fire cases; we led the way as the Bellwether Plaintiff for Agriculture. This wasn’t a mere selection; it was a recognition of our dedication, expertise, and tenacity in championing the rights of victims against giants like the Southern California Edison Electric Company. Out of the multitude, thousands in fact, we were the very first chosen for trial, a testament to our unwavering commitment.

From North to South: A Legacy of Advocacy:
The landscapes of California, from the majestic forests of the north to the scenic beaches of San Diego, have seen our footprints. We’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with countless wildfire victims, fiercely representing their cause against utility companies whose negligence wreaked havoc on their lives.

The Maui Fires: Your Right, Our Fight:
The tragic fires in Maui are more than headlines to us; they are stories of lives turned upside down. With evidence pointing towards the electric company’s role, we believe that every affected individual has a rightful claim. More than compensation, it’s about restoring hope, rebuilding dreams, and ensuring that justice prevails.

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Richards Willis PC

At Richards Willis PC we have been representing victims of wildfire, victims of mudslide, most recently Thomas Wildfire and Montecito Mudslides that followed, victims of personal injury, victims of governmental abuse, victims of disreputable contractors and victims of insurance company claims for over 25 years. Clients come to us injured and destitute at the absolute worst periods of their lives. Each of our clients has placed their absolute trust in us to solve the greatest problem in their lives and to shoulder their burdens. We are problem solvers as much as trial lawyers and at Richards Willis PC we will take on your stress and your anxiety until we can put you back in the position that you should have been before the carelessness and recklessness of another robbed you of your centered life.

Winner of the “Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award”, awarded by the San Diego County Bar Association in October 2014, our attorneys John T. Richards and Evan Willis personally handle every case that we accept. With a quarter century of litigation experience handling diverse cases including auto accident, motor cycle accident, slip and fall, products liability, personal injury, civil rights violations (1983), railroad work injuries (FELA), construction defects and insurance related claims, we have developed a policy of taking only a select number of cases in order to provide the most effective personal representation with the maximum recovery for our clients.

Why You Need Competent Attorneys

If you have a serious catastrophic injury resulting from the negligence of another, you want attorneys who are not only proficient in trial but also competent to handle complex medical issues and who have the experience and the relationships in the medical community to make your injury understandable to a jury. Similarly, if your claim is against your homeowners insurance for failing to properly handle and pay your fire or flood claim, you need an attorney with relationships among contractors, remediators, contents specialists and adjusters.

Richards Willis PC has spent a quarter century in the trenches dealing with utility companies, insurance adjusters, doctors, contractors and the attorneys they hire to defend themselves. When you place your trust in us, not only do you get the experience necessary to prosecute your case, but you get an award winning trial lawyer with multiple seven figure jury verdicts who is willing to take your case as far as it needs to go to get the result you require to rebuild your life.

Does The Firm Handle
Cases Throughout California?

Yes! While Richards Willis PC is a San Diego based civil litigation firm, we have represented clients from Eureka to Needles to Chula Vista and every city in between. Contact us now in order for our investigators to secure and gather the evidence necessary for us to protect your rights. While you wait to decide, the insurance company has already started preparing their defense.

We speak for the victim. We speak insurance. Se habla español. No fee unless we provide results. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Remember, the sooner you begin this process, the sooner we can get our investigators on the scene, the better chance we have to preserve the evidence that you need to successfully win your case, and the sooner your life and the life of your family will return to normal.

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