Luth et al., v. San Diego Gas & Electric et al.,

Richards Willis PC again is leading the charge in mudslide litigation caused by utilities, governmental entities, and homeowners associations failure to properly grade access roads, institute erosion control measures, build proper de-silting basins and velocity dampeners as a result of the threat of Wildfires in California back country.

Richards Willis PC is representing approximately 30 families whose homes where in many cases total destroyed by  mud, silt, and flooding caused by defendants negligent conduct prior to a July 19, 2015 rain event.  Richards Willis PC is on the forefront of pursing complex theories of Inverse Condemnation law which claims that the governmental conduct amounted to a “taking” akin to its Eminent Domain powers so that the clients may also be compensated for attorney fees and costs of litigation.


SDCN 37-2016-00023437-CU-PO-CTL